Book Review: How to be a Blagger by Mike Essex

Book Review: How to be a Blagger (2nd Edition) by Mike Essex

I first came across Mike Essex when I stumbled onto his blog and then read his first book, Free Stuff Everyday. You can my review of his first book here. Recently, he has recently released a second follow up book called “How to be a Blagger”.

How to Save Money on Textbooks in College

As a college student, buying textbooks can be rather expensive. And if you’re studying a lengthy course, the cost of textbooks each year can really add up.

In my part one article on buying cheap textbooks for college, I covered the different ways that you can get hold of textbooks as a college student. Some of these methods including buying textbooks online, renting your textbooks, or selling back textbooks one you have finished using them to keep your costs down. Here are some further tips on how to save money on textbooks in college.


Why Save Money and What Type of Saver Are You?

It’s great providing readers with useful money saving tips though going back to the fundamentals of money management it’s a good idea to ask yourself the question of why save money. For each individual, it’s going to be a different why that is motivating you.

One of the many reasons why I save money is I don’t just want to think about meeting my immediate consumption needs today, but rather down the track, in 5 or 10 years, or even longer term say 20 to 40 years, to plan ahead so that I’ll be able to live at my current standard of living or even better.


3 Saving Money Tips to Skyrocket your Savings

You’ve got to save money and you are in the predicament of not knowing exactly where to start with your money saving efforts. Here are three tips on how to save money that you should consider before embarking on your saving plan. (more…)

Are You Sick of Bank Fees? – Try Fee Free Banking

Are you sick of extra and exorbitant bank fees on your accounts? A good approach is to shop around for fee free banking. Try to find either a fee free bank account or one with minimal charges. With a no fee bank account, some of the conditions associated with such a bank account might include your deposit being kept at a certain minimum balance in order to qualify for a fee free bank acount.

Here are some handy tips from the Save Money Hound to help you reduce bank fees and aim for fee free banking.

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